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Course Overview

JavaScript-free online training by Iqra IT Academy. This Training course is designed to help you to understand every aspect of the JavaScript programming language, quickly and efficiently step by step manner.
The course starts with the basics and covers every topic in a very engaging and interesting manner. After every session, you will find assignments. This course is not a power-point presentation but it’s a complete hands-on course so you can learn by doing.
Learn modern JavaScript fundamentals online in just a few weeks this comprehensive course covers the modern JavaScript features used in the real world. You’ll learn how to write and debug JavaScript code, how to use JS to change the CSS styles of HTML5 elements, deal with HTML5 forms, and take on many more coding tasks.
You’ll gain an understanding of the latest cutting-edge language features.

Why You Should Take JavaScript Training

JavaScript is one of the main programming languages used in web development. Not only is JavaScript easy to use and very versatile, but those who have the skills to use it are in very high demand.

Training Map

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Training Days​

Sunday to Thursday 2 hours/Day

Training Format

Online Training

Course content:

  • JS Introduction
  • JS Where To
  • JS Output
  • JS Statements
  • JS Syntax
  • JS Comments
  • JS Variables
  • JS Let
  • JS Const
  • JS Operators
  • JS Arithmetic
  • JS Assignment
  • JS Data Types
  • JS Functions
  • JS Objects
  • JS Events
  • JS Strings
  • JS String Methods
  • JS String Search
  • JS Numbers
  • JS Number Methods
  • JS Arrays
  • JS Array Methods
  • JS Array Sort
  • JS Array Iteration
  • JS Array Const
  • JS Dates
  • JS Date Formats
  • JS Date Get Methods
  • JS Date Set Methods
  • JS Math
  • JS Random
  • JS Booleans
  • JS Comparisons
  • JS Conditions
  • JS Switch
  • JS Loop For
  • JS Loop For In
  • JS Loop For Of
  • JS Loop While
  • JS Break
  • JS Typeof
  • JS Type Conversion
  • JS Bitwise
  • JS RegExp
  • JS Errors
  • JS Scope
  • JS Hoisting
  • JS Strict Mode
  • JS this Keyword
  • JS Arrow Function
  • JS Classes
  • JS Debugging
  • JS Style Guide
  • JS Best Practices
  • JS Mistakes
  • JS Performance
  • JS Reserved Words
  • Object Definitions
  • Object Properties
  • Object Methods
  • Object Display
  • Object Accessors
  • Object Constructors
  • Object Prototypes
  • Object Reference
  • JS Functions
  • Function Definitions
  • Function Parameters
  • Function Invocation
  • Function Call
  • Function Apply
  • Function Closures
  • JS Classes
  • Class Intro
  • JS Async
  • JS Callbacks
  • JS Asynchronous
  • JS Promises
  • JS Async/Await
  • JS HTML DOM Intro
  • JS Browser BOM Intro
  • JS Web APIs
  • Web API Intro
  • JSON Intro
  • JSON Syntax


  • To Learn this course, you need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Training Key Features:

  • We provide video recording sessions of training so in case if student missed any class he/she can utilize those recorded sessions.
  • All our training program are based on live industry projects.
  • All our training program are based on current industry standard.

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