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Course Overview

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online training by Iqra IT Academy. This Training course is designed to help you to understand every aspect of MS dynamics CRM well-structured manner.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft, focusing on enhancing customer relationships for any organization. It is one of the leading industry-standard CRM software available in the market.
This course provides an introductory to advance level topics of dynamic CRM with a focus on sales. After every session, you will find assignments. This course is not a power-point presentation but it’s a complete hands-on course so you can learn by doing.
Along the way, you’ll explore how to set up a trial instance of Dynamics CRM, Understanding the Accounts and Contacts, Business Process Flows, and also cover Leads and Opportunities. And learn the core skills needed to be successful on the platform.
Next, you will learn about security roles, business rules, automation processes, entities, views, forms, dashboards, charts, and activities. You’ll also discover Customizations in dynamic CRM such as Customizing Fields, Customizing Forms, Customizing Entities, and Customizing Views.
When you’re finished with the course, you’ll have a functional understanding of dynamics CRM and how to use it to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle. This course targets students who are new to the platform, the knowledge you will gain in this course can be used as a foundation for future technical training.

Why You Should Take Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the world’s leading CRM service provider currently. They have more than 40% market share in the Cloud CRM space and dominate the overall CRM industry with a market share of about 20%. They have been rated the world’s #1 CRM for two consecutive years now.
About 4.2 million jobs will be created via the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024 which means lots of interview opportunities are coming up for anyone who wants a dream job in this fast-growing Salesforce ecosystem.

Training Map

Course Duration

8 Weeks

Training Days​

Sunday to Thursday 90 Minutes/Day

Training Format

Online Training

Course content:

Basics in CRM
  • Accessing CRM
  • Navigating CRM
  • Understanding the CRM
  • Understanding the Accounts and Contact
  • Working with Records
  • Searching the CRM
  • Setting Personal Options
  • Understanding Leads
  • Understanding the Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Charts
  • Dashboards
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Report wizard
  • Business Units
  • Security Roles
  • Business Rules
  • Merged in CRM
  • Users
  • Teams
  • Field Security Profiles
  • Workflows
  • Dialog
  • Business Process Flow
  • Actions
  • Customizing Fields
  • Calculated Fields
  • Customizing Forms
  • Customizing Entities
  • Charts and Dashboards
  • Customizing Views
  • Records by related filtering lookup
  • Rollup fields


  • To Learn this course, you need a basic understanding of how to operate the internet, and that’s about it. This course is focused on absolute beginners at Salesforce administration and CRM
  • All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. We will walk through signing you up for your own free Salesforce account which you can use to work through the exercises of the course. This Salesforce account is free and you can keep it for life!

Training Key Features:

  • We provide video recording sessions of training so in case if student missed any class he/she can utilize those recorded sessions.
  • All our training program are based on live industry projects.
  • All our training program are based on current industry standard.

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