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Course Overview

Get professional training designed by Iqra IT Academy and prepare for a new career in the high-growth field of data analytics.

This course covers the different selection models in Qlik Sense, including the click, legend, and lasso selections and the associative selection model, as well as the role of smart search, the Qlik Sense cognitive engine, and default and alternate states. With this course, you will be empowered to create fully-featured desktop applications in Qlik Sense. The tips and tricks provided will help you to overcome challenging situations while developing your applications in Qlik Sense. This and more will help you to deliver engaging dashboards and reports efficiently.

Why You Should Take Qlik Sense Training

  • The worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics market to grow to US$22.8 billion in 2 years.
  • Qlik is among the Leaders in BI and Analytics in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the sixth year.
  • This is a powerful data visualization and data discovery tool. It is revolutionary in the sense that it perfectly lets even people with no technical skills to derive valuable insights from data. Therefore, self-service analytics is being deployed by some of the best companies around the world. 
  • Taking up Iqra Technology ’s Qlik Sense training online will put you at an advantage by making you fully proficient to work in Business Intelligence, data visualization, and analytics domains of any organization and will help you command top salaries.

Training Map

Course Duration

12 Weeks

Training Days​

Sunday to Thursday 90 Minutes/Day

Training Format

Online Training

Course content:

  • How Qlik Sense varies from QlikView?
  • Need for self-service business intelligence/business analytics tools
  • Qlik Sense data discovery
  • Intuitive tool for dynamic dashboards and personalized reports
  • Installation of Qlik Sense & Qlik Sense Desktop


  • Drag-and-drop visualization, Qlik Data indexing engine
  • Data Dimensions relationships
  • Connect to multiple data sources
  • Creating your own dashboards, data visualization
  • Visual Analytics, ease of collaboration
  • Understand Data Modeling, best practices
  • Turning data columns into rows
  • Converting data rows into fields
  • Hierarchical level data loading, loading new or updated data from the database, using a common field to combine data from two tables
  • Handling data inconsistencies


  • Qlik Sense Data Architecture
  • Understanding QVD layer
  • Converting QlikView files to Qlik Sense files
  • Working on synthetic keys and circular references


  • Qlik Sense Star Schema, Link Table
  • Dimensions Table, Master Calendar, QVD files, optimizing data modeling


  • Qlik Sense Enterprise class tools, Qlik Sense custom app
  • Embedding visuals, rapid development, powerful open APIs
  • Enterprise-class architecture
  • Big Data integration
  • Enterprise security and elastic scaling
  • Learning about Qlik Sense Visualization tools
  • Chart & Map creation
  • Rich data storytelling
  • Sharing analysis visually with compelling Visualizations


  • Understanding Set Analysis in Qlik Sense
  • The various parts of a set expression like Identifiers, Operators
  • Modifiers and Comparative Analysis
  • Learning about set analysis which is a way of defining a set of data values different from the normal set
  • Deploying comparison sets, Point in Time analysis
  • Introduction to the various charts in Qlik Sense like Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Table Chart, Pie Chart, Pivot Table Chart
  • The characteristics of various charts
  • Introduction to the Qlik Sense Master Library, its benefits
  • Distinct features and user-friendly applications


  • The various security aspects of Qlik Sense
  • Content security, security rules
  • The various components of security rules
  • Understanding data reductions and dynamic data reductions
  • User access workflow


  • Basic knowledge of computers.
  • There are no such pre-requisites for this course, but if you have some knowledge of file type, SQL then it will be beneficial.

Training Key Features:

  • We provide video recording sessions of training so in case if student missed any class he/she can utilize those recorded sessions.
  • All our training program are based on live industry projects.
  • All our training program are based on current industry standard.

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