9 futureproof Microsoft Azure jobs and how much they pay

Their decisions can impact the overall quality of the solutions which can greatly affect business revenue. Solution architects have advanced experience in Azure cloud networking, virtualization, recovery, storage, governance, development, and DevOps processes. Are you an entrepreneur inte­rested in expanding your ope­rations and company’s reach? Well let me tell you, with the help of an Azure Cloud Engine­er, you can achieve just that. These experts specialize in designing, implementing, and maintaining your cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Azure.

At EPAM Anywhere, you can tap into remote opportunities to grow your Azure cloud developer salary. Apply today to join our growing community of full-time remote Azure engineers working on top global projects. When looking at Azure salaries, the highest figures often seem very lucrative, but they may not always be representative of what the averages are. For that, we can look to several different sources tracking the salaries offered, as well as what the highest-paying remote tech jobs could offer.


Getting certified within and across cloud platforms isn’t just a possibility, it may be a requirement at some point as you advance in your cloud computing career. According to Global Knowledge, some 64% of cloud professionals were cross-certified in 2020, and that number is expected to grow. According to a study in January 2020, the average yearly income of a cloud engineer in India was around INR 7.5-8 LPA. However, by 2023, a cloud engineer can expect a salary ranging from 8.7 LPA to 14 LPA.

azure cloud engineer salary

The field of Azure Cloud Engine­ering in India is projected to e­xperience a 26% growth by the­ conclusion of 2022. This growth is anticipated to result in an incre­ase of 40% in cloud-related job opportunitie­s. Renowned providers of cloud se­rvices, such as Microsoft and Accenture, offe­r highly competitive salaries ranging from INR 8.4 LPA to INR 1,550,000 pe­r year. Applying consistent security settings across your Azure environment is a challenge for security engineers. Online communities — such as LinkedIn groups, cloud-related subreddits, our own discussion forums, or the ACG Discord server — can also provide valuable insights from a wider field of professionals. A platform’s adoption and popularity can help you assess the health of the job market in your area.

Highest Paying Cities for Azure Cloud Engineer in the United States

The average salary also depends on various other factors like the company, location, years of experience, etc. As per the International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2025, the market for Indian public cloud services will reach an estimated valuation of $9.5 billion. Thus, it will create a significant demand for data engineers, which can significantly hike the yearly packages for this job role. It is also important to note that the salaries reported above are based on various factors like company, experience, number of certifications, and region. Azure practitioners often have multiple certifications which enhances salary compensations significantly. It requires high-level dedication and hard work from an aspiring Azure expert to learn each aspect of Azure Cloud technologies in detail.

  • Furthermore, based on my research, students with the appropriate qualifications can expect to earn INR 49.64 LPA (USD 60,000) per year as a Cloud engine­er, which can incre­ase with experie­nce and skill levels.
  • They should also be familiar with Azure data services like Machine Learning Studio, as well as tools like Hadoop, Spark, and be able to visualize data using platforms like Tableau and Power BI.
  • These factors impact even remote cloud engineer jobs that you may not think would be subject to location bias, but not to the same extent as in-office Azure cloud engineer positions.
  • As an Azure data engineer, your job role will be to build, implement and support Microsoft Power BI solutions as per the client’s or company’s requirements.
  • This growth is anticipated to result in an incre­ase of 40% in cloud-related job opportunitie­s.
  • Applying consistent security settings across your Azure environment is a challenge for security engineers.

For some industries, having Azure cloud engineers is more of a requirement than an option. As such, they look for the best professionals they can get and pay them a higher yearly salary to ensure skill retention. Cloud engineers specializing in specific platforms or technologies (DevOps, containerization, etc.), or in this case Azure, may earn more due to their specialized skills being in high demand.

Where can I get a higher Azure Cloud Engineer salary in the United States?

It is a stepping-stone for preparing more advanced Azure role-based and specialty certifications. As this is the entry point for Azure cloud, this certification is suitable for https://remotemode.net/ broad-ranging job roles like managers, developers, administrators, and even students. Additionally, as part of Microsoft’s policy, fundamental certifications do not expire.

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This powerful platform offers se­rvices in computing, ne­tworking, storage, and IoT. However, please remember that all these figures are estimates, and your actual package will depend upon several factors like – experience, job role, skill sets, location, and employer. Cloud, data, and cybersecurity are regular areas of tech investment for azure cloud engineer businesses, so it’s no shocker that many of the top IT certs tend to be around those areas. IT pros with these skills remain in high demand and tend to pull in the biggest salaries in the industry. Some of the highest-paying IT positions that may require cloud skills include the following, with average salaries reported by PayScale.

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